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Australian High Power Rifle

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Equipment & Ammunition

Following is a list of various equipment issues in relation to the discipline.  Some are guidelines and others may be considered rules.  Either way, these are here for benefit of the shooter wishing to contest HPR. 

Any ammunition sourced commercially, or hand loaded etc may be used.  No tracer, incendiary or armour piercing bullets are permitted.  Ammunition that seems unsafe (excessive pressure, tight bolt opening, incorrectly loaded, etc) will have the shooter of that ammunition disqualified from that string.  That shooter will be disqualified from the tournament if suitable ammunition cannot be sourced. 

Palma matches require 7.62x51 Nato (308 Win) ammunition to be used only.  Only the 155gr Palma projectile is allowed. 

This is not a complete list, nor a mandatory one, but gives you some idea of equipment you could benefit from if you had it when participating in HPR matches. 

Eye & Ear Protection:  These are mandatory.  Shooters are recommended to use both ear plugs and earmuffs. 

Spotting Scope and 3P adjustable scope stand:  A substitute optical device is important for scoring and observing the placement of shot spotters on the target during sighters or at the conclusions of a string.  A scope stand should be tall enough to use the scope while in standing position during the standing slow fire application match.  Binoculars may be a suitable substitute for a spotting scope. 

Shooting Mat may be used when the ground is unsuitable to be laid on. Some specialty mats are not allowed in the service matches

Shooting Coat/Jacket:  Specialist type coats or jackets are permitted for Spec 3 & 5 matches only, and are defined as a jacket or coat etc, equipped with sling pickup points, padding and contributes to shooter stiffness and steadiness.  Basic, non-supporting or gripping, style coats and jackets are allowed in Spec 1 & 2 (range officer to make the call).

Shooting Glove/Mitten:  Specialist type gloves or mittens are permitted for Spec 3 & 5 matches only, and are defined as a hand covering that provides the shooter with both comfort and protection of the forward hand from the pressure of the sling, or to aid steadiness.  Basic, non-supporting or gripping, style gloves or mittens are allowed in Spec 1 & 2 (range officer to make the call).

Sling: The use of a sling is dependant on the rifle specification, and the course of fire being attended.  Refer to the Rifle specs, courses of fire and specific event bulletins for rulings.

Kneeling Roll:are permitted, but must not exceed 9.5 in diameter (refer to positions).

Ammo Pouch/holster:  for ammo when required to single round load while in the standing position. 

Stripper Clips:  Ammo stripper clips, or extra detachable magazines.

Empty Chamber Indicator (ECI):  or something similar, to display to the Range Officer that the rifle chamber is clear and the bolt is open.

Rulebook:  is used to govern this discipline.  Australia strictly follows the NRA High Power Rifle rulebook is used with AIHPA amendments for Australian laws etc.

Classification/Grade Card: These are available through AIHPA (refer to Classification section).
  The AIHPA card serves a few purposes, both as a register of your results and your progress, but also are detailed with some basic information so it can also be used as a quick reference guide.  Additional cards information is on the merchandise page.

Membership Card:  These are mandatory when entering a close or semi-close event, or any event to claim entry in classification based matches,  (refer to Classification section) or "Closed" events.


This is a very simple list:
- Rifle, per rules, capable of being magazine fed.
- Shooting mat (you never know what you will be laying on).
- Spotting scope, or binoculars, to see your spotted shots (this is a MUST).
- Typical - eye and ear protection, hat and sun protection, shooter licence etc etc.
- Comfortable shooting cloths and footwear.
- Rulebook
- Pen (for scoring - blue pen preferred)
- Empty Chamber Indicator (ECI flag).

- Crate, carry box, bag, container or buggy of some sort for transporting your gear to and from the line.
- Ammo holder (for the single round loading standing position to prevent the need to bend over).
- Shooting glasses (various colour lenses for different light conditions).
- Elbow pads to protect from ground etc (not needed if a coat is used).
- Coat or jacket to give you some protection (elbows on ground, sling around arm, stock butt on shoulder).
- Rifle sling (made for shooting, not carrying).
- Broken case extractor.
- Head cover - perhaps sun screen.
- Grade Card.
- Cleaning gear.
- Tool Kit.
- Rain gear.
- Chair to sit on while scoring, or resting while waiting to shoot or mark.
- Plenty to drink, and some snacks (prevent sugar levels dropping during long strings).
- Single round loading block.
- Anything else you can think of...


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