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Australian High Power Rifle

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Rankings & Teams Selection

This is:    - open to AIHPA members only.
                - based on the International Match Course only. 

During the shooting calendar year, AIHPA sanction certain matches, or tournaments, run at various ranges and clubs around the country in various states regions or cities throughout the year.  These are sanctioned for the purpose of HPR shooters to not only claim and attain due rewards, but also have all results recorded in the AIHPA member results database.  Such results may be used to select sanctioned teams for participation in events.

Rankings run for the following rifle specs:
            - SPEC 1          Service Std/As-Issued Iron Sights (Vintage - bolt action)
            - SPEC 2          Service modified Iron Sights
            - SPEC 3          Match - Iron Sights
            - SPEC 5          Service/Match Optical Sights.

A predefined number of registered match results, for each shooter, are combined to give a final multi-match aggregate result (eg. best 3 sanctioned IMC match results over a given time).  These results are sorted, by spec, from highest to lowest to determine the rankings for all participated shooters.

Note:    - National teams funding will be open to Australian resident members only.
           - State teams funding will be based on the residential address state
             of members only.

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