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Qualification (Proficiency) - IMC

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This qualification system is a proficiency system for the NRA High Power Rifle International Match Course (IMC).  All shooters, of any skill level, using any spec rifle, may compete in to earn qualification patches.  It should be stressed that the qualification system is NOT a competition, or a classification (grading) system.  It is a proficiency based system for each shooter to challenge themselves and chase improvement.

After a shooting member completes their first International Match Course, they will receive the “Basic Practical” patch, no matter what result is shot (the first patch could be considered an experience patch, under instruction).  From this point, when a shooter completes subsequent IMC’s, the result of that match is assessed against the attainment criteria table below.  If the shooter achieves the required criteria, then subsequent patches follow.

There is no fast tracking the attainment levels.  All shooters start at the bottom with the “Basic Practical” and work up to “Distinguished Expert”, if the relevant qualification criterion is achieved at each stage.

* Important Notes *

          -  This qualification system is only open to members of AIHPA. 

- Qualification recognition is available only through AIHPA registered or sanctioned matches. 

-  All four strings of the IMC must be completed as part of the same match/result.  The best string results from various matches cannot be used to make up an aggregate IMC result.

- It is the responsibility of the shooter to claim their qualification via their signed grade card as receipt/proof.

-  All patches (Header Patch, and the 9 Qualification Rocker Patches) may be obtained from AIHPA, or an authorised delegate, after each qualification level is attained and certified by AIHPA records for validity.

Qualification / Proficiency
(based on NRA IMC only)


Required %

Required Score



Basic Practical

After completion of first
International National Match.


Marksman (PM)

40% or better

200 or better

2 times


Marksman (MK)

50% or better

250 or better

2 times


1st Class (MK1)

66% or better

330 or better

3 times


Sharpshooter (SH)

75% or better

375 or better

3 times


Expert (EX)

80% or better

400 or better

3 times


Expert (DE)

88% or better

440 or better

10 times

Master (DM)
94% or better 470 or better 10 times 34
High Master (DHM)
97% or better 485 or better 5 times 39


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