The results from the sanctioned matches count towards GP, Australian Rifleman and qualification meet.



Electronic Targes ETs will be in use for the whole meet.  This means, no manual competitor marking of targets…

Shooters MUST have THEIR OWN computing device to show shots, scores, etc.  Such a device receives details from the ET server, hence the device MUST be capable of WiFi and have a web browser.  Ideal devices are tablets and smartphones or e-reader.  Laptops are acceptable but more bulky.  A device with the largest screen possible is preferred.

There are NO spare display devices or shooting equipmnt at the range for borrowing.  Please be self sufficient.

PLEASE BE SURE YOU HAVE A WAY TO CHARGE THE DEVICE DURING THE DAY ON THE RANGE - eg. Car cigarette charger, etc, and charge during downtime.



SUNDAY    Sign on is 8.30am.


100, 200, 300, 400, 550, 600 YARDS.

Shot on various combinations of varying sized targets.  SUPPORTED AND UNSUPPORTED (sling, bipod, bags, allowed).

Course will be dependant on number of entries.  100 match rounds plus warmer, zero verification, refires, etc.

Approx finish Sunday: 3pm.

Club may supply a light snack after the shoot, if possible.

Cost:  $40 - no concessions.

Shooters welcome to shoot Saturday freestyle, Fullbore, zero, test, practice - 300y and 550y (may change on the day).  Additional $25.

Rustic camping on range permitted - welcome to use the clubhouse - gas cooktop, sink with tank water, small fridge (12V and 240V off self powered solar system) etc.


Organisers reserve the right to change the schedule without notice.

Important:  This range is subject to closure in the event of poor weather, such as high wind and especially wet weather.

Schedule may change without notice.  Always check the website right up to the meet for updates (but this does not mean changes do not take place later).